Firmware 12.04 - selección de válvulas de potencia

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Firmware 12.04 - selección de válvulas de potencia

Mensajepor raulG66 » 20 Ene 2014, 21:44

Hola a todos,

La pasada madrugada Fractal Audio lanzó el nuevo firmware 12.04 beta. Entre otras cosas, la principal novedad es que permite elegir el tipo de válvula de potencia virtual - hasta ahora solo se podía elegir entre pentodo o tetrodo. De las notas de la versión:

"Added selectable power tube types for Amp block. Available types are: EL34, EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT66, KT88, 6550, 6973, 6AQ5 and 300B (triode). Also available are an ideal tetrode and ideal pentode. The power tube type defaults to the appropriate type when the amp type is selected but may be overridden by the user. The power tube type presets the Dynamic Impedance parameter as well as several internal parameters".

Como indica Cliff en el post:

Things to note:
1. Higher Master Volume settings are possible now with less flub and smoother highs.
2. Improved attack and feel.
3. No woofy lows or ice-picky highs at high volumes.
4. The frequency response is dynamic which leads to a more "3-dimensional" sound.
5. To really hear and feel the effects turn up the MV and LF Res. Don't be afraid to turn LF Res close to 10. In fact some Celestion and Eminence speakers are equivalent to about 8-9 on the LF Res. This will increase the interaction between the power tubes and the speaker load.
6. Also, to "really" hear and feel it, crank it up LOUD.

It's not like other products where there is a huge change in frequency response. It's realistic and, therefore, subtle. Other products drastically change their frequency response when switching "tubes" but that's simply not realistic.

Se puede descargar del post en el foro oficial: ... -beta.html


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